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Venus (Diamond)

According to the sacred texts, the gem of Venus is Diamond. The Achrya Shukra is the Daitya Guru or the guru of Asuras. The Diamond has a tremendous capacity to attract. The wearer's look is enhanced to a great extent and creates a sexual appeal in the person who wears it.

Venus is feminine, self-indulgent, beautiful, and attractive. It rules over the sensitive side of human nature. Venus is shown riding a horse, like a romantic hero. He is famous as the teacher of demons or Asuras. In one hand he holds scrolls, because he is a writer of scriptures and in another hand a sword to overcome obstacles. In his third hand he holds a lotus of purity and in his fourth hand the reins of the horse of heroic desires.

Different Names of Diamond
Diamond is known in Sanskrit as Vajram, Heerak, Kulish, Heer, Abhedya, Sridoor, Pavi, Braja, and Bhargavapriya. In Arabic, it is known as Alpaas.

Diamond - Chemistry
The Diamond is a natural mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon, crystallized in the isometric system.

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